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Today there are two argentinian grills, one in west end and one in west bay beach.

The first restaurant opened 16 years ago, founded in 2001 by Andres and Valeria an Argentinian couple who fell so very in love with the island that chose it as their place in the world.

They went out of their way to make the restaurant as unique as possible in every way, combining their Argentinian routs with the amazing islander lifestyle.

In 2002 the restaurant was already a very successful business due to its cuisine potential, great location, artsy style and decorations.

The restaurant is known for its famous grilled lobster tail mignon and beef tenderloin. But those are only the most popular dishes, it counts with a very extended menu, which includes; seafood, vegetarian dishes, pastas steaks, and the most amazing desserts. The reputation of the restaurant is based not only on the consistency and great service but on the quality of the ingredients, all the meat is premium and imported, it is also prepared on the moment and with no toxic gas to set the fire on.

There are also specials set every day with the ingredients of best quality that change according the shipment arrivals.

The kitchen counts with a fabulous staff that is trained by an Argentinian chef called Rami who is very passionate about his job.

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